My First Zwift

I just broke my Zwift virginity! And I nearly loved it…

Having figured out how to rig my bike up to Zwift, I thought I would try the one week free, to see what all the fuss is about. So with a towel over the bars, a bottle in my cage, and as much tech as I can muster around me, I set off.

Big Ben
I tried to draft Big Ben, but he was going too fast for me


  • I am glad I happen to start when London is the course. A couple of times, I even knew where I was- something which spurred me on.
  • I am surprised how much it motivated me. History shows how much I struggle on my fluid turbo trainer (it is hard to pedal,  even in the lower gears); however, I really wanted to finish the lap and see what was around the next corner.
  • My screen is far too busy. I need to scrap the ‘riders around me’ section on the right; I also need to work out what all the gubbins is along the top.
  • It took a lot of tech to sort this out. Even with a ‘passive’ turbo trainer, I still had my MacBook, my iPad, and a screen connected by an HDMI cable. I am already thinking that riding outside maybe cheaper.
  • £12 something a month? A bit toppy.
  • The companion app on my iPad is nice, but try to touch something precise whilst riding is next to impossible. Each picture I took required a minimum of 3 stabs each at the screen, and I tried to click on a rider close to me and ended up following someone going the other way. I had to stop to rectify this.
  • Will it keep me going across the winter? Maybe! I love how simple it is- just hop on and ride- and when I find my way around it, it will be better.
  • In the end, I had done more miles in the same period than I would normally do, so that’s good.
Bucking Ham palace
I held my stomach in, just in case Megan came to the window. Well- you never know.

My initial thoughts are to use it over the winter and see what a difference it makes to my fitness. It will remain to be seen if I catch the bug though.

So look out for me if you are on there- or add me as a friend (my name is ‘Simon Paddon’, which took me ages to come up with).

Ride on!

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