Layer upon Layer

I can sense I am improving- ride by ride, pedal stroke by pedal stroke. I can appreciate that I am in no hurry, but am keen to get to an alright level as soon as I can, just to hold my head up high. My goal is not to race or become a world champion- it is to get to a standard where I can go out and really enjoy some hard efforts.

Something which has been making a difference is riding to work on my fixed wheel. It is a flat 8 miles each way, but I think the key thing which is making the difference is that I am doing 2 rides a day- to work, and then back home again at the end of the working day. So much so that I have just up geared my fixed wheel, as the gear I was struggling with when I started a few weeks back is now spinning out. I will try the bigger gear tomorrow and am keen to ‘get on top of it’ as soon as I can (pun intended).

My only real test up to now is a hilly 40 miler I did 10 days ago with Ian. The 2 key hills were managed well- I was really pleased, especially as I am carrying a lot of extra weight. Fat takes its time to drop off when you are 48 years old, apparently.

Longer term there is a charity ride I am interested in joining in with in August. Goals help me focus and disseminate what I need to do and what is important, so adding layers to my training. However, I am also keen to look far beyond the charity ride, so I don’t feel lost when it is done.

So right now, I am building my weeks up, layering the efforts on top of what has been.

And I am bloody loving it.

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