I am 48- and guess what I just learnt…

It turns out that every day really IS a school day.

All my life, I have (fitness wise) worked towards goals. Races, events, coast-coast’s… these are the things that got me out and going.

More recently, I switched to running. I found I just couldn’t lose weight by cycling anymore, and running gave me the desired weight loss without too much problem. However, with running, come races and events- which become goals.

Well, no more. I have put that behind me. Running just has not worked for me recently-; I have been getting worse and worse and falling with painful consequences. So I have hung up my running shoes and switched back to 2 wheels. And it has taught me an important lesson.

The lesson of time.

I am not saying I will never ride anymore events. But with nothing significant on the horizon, I now have the gift of time- time which makes it alright.

Basically, I have the rest of my life to ride. This lack of time pressure means I can take time. I don’t need to blast tomorrow, or find speed now; I can take the right amount of time to get it right.

Build, layer upon layer.

This is a game changer. Gone are the days of the pressure of pushing myself, of rapid development to reach my impatient goals and plateaus. This has left to constantly stopping, falling, and then having to start again.

So tomorrow when I ride, I will not try to get a PB. I will enjoy myself and take my time to get it right. As each layer falls on top of the last, I will get better in the time it takes, and go forwards.

And I can’t wait.

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