Recycling my self

So the London marathon has been and gone, and I was not there. Truth be told, it is not a problem to me- I am done it before, and as my blog shows, I was killing myself to get there. The simple truth is that it was not worth it.

My wrist injury from falling over has slowly healed, so I have been looking to find something to keep me active and stop my waist from running away any further.

So here I am starting off again- again. The last few weeks I have been loving riding my fixie; the simplicity and freedom it gives just make me smile. However, the frame- one I picked up from the dump for free- is beginning to struggle, with rust coming through.

So, with no further ado, meet my new bike.

My new bike

It is not new, but new to me, and I can tell it has been loved beforehand, as it is in good luck. All I have done is swapped the wheel around to fixed gear side, changed the sprocket for a bigger one, took off the rear brake, and set up the handlebars for a single front brake.

The thing is, it rides like a dream. The rugged 700x28c tyres- complete with off road grip- add a new level of comfort to the ride which y old one just did not have. The steel frame is solid, and I already love the benefits of having proper horizontal dropouts on the rear.

SO this has started me back on the road (for now) with my cycling life again. No goals, no aims, other than to just ride and smile- it’s all good.

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