Blowing dust off of my wheels

I am BLOODY loving riding again. I have forgotten how much I enjoy it; and, only 4 rides in, I am better than I am at running already. My body seems to respond better to the riding; more than likely the fact that the bike is carrying my frame, instead of my poor legs.

My wrist

My wrist is still bad and is heavily strapped up. I guess it is because of how I damaged it that it is ok with normal riding, but put any pressure on it- like pushing on the bars, or riding over cobbles- hurts very much indeed thank you ouchy ouch. So I do spend some time on the bike holding my arm across my chest to stop any vibration going through it (it is OK when I brake or change gear, so there are no safety implications).

Fingers crossed one week today and it will be MRI and a clear way forward.

My bike

I have made some changes to my bike. Maybe it is being conscious of being older and wanting to be more comfortable, I have replaced my carbon saddle with a softer Boardman saddle. This will open up the chance to be more comfortable over longer distances, and not be sore afterward.

Also, I am fed up with filling my rear pockets of my jersey, and then dislocating my shoulder reaching around to pick something out. So I have bought a bigger saddle bag, with the intention of carrying everything in the bag. When I say bigger, it does expand lengthways quite significantly- I could literally carry most of my kit in there with space to spare.

Initial impressions are excellent, with no rattling, and not being able to spot any difference in the ride. I am so impressed I have also ordered one for my handlebars, for when I want to go further again.

My new saddlebag in place

Friday 30th March

I wanted to start off slowly, so had a gentle ride down to Bideford and back. Mostly flat, no wind- a good start at remembering what goes where. Happy days.

Sunday 1st April

A smidge hung-over from a great 18th birthday party the night before, I took it as a chance to visit my parents on the fixed wheel. Nice, simple and rhythmic; love my fixed wheel.

Monday 2nd April

A spare hour gave me chance to get out again (despite the wind and the light rain), this time with a couple small hills thrown in. Not surprisingly, I got worse as the road went up (weight and wrist being 2 large factors slowing me down), but that’s ok- my grin was fixed and I enjoyed it.


I love being back on the bike!


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