Finding a new jigsaw to piece together

Its been a few weeks for me. Following my fall (which you can read about here), my wrist has been getting progressively worse, to the point now it is constantly aching. I have had one MRI scan and need another- the fracture clinic thinks I have ripped something or other. All I know is it hurts. A lot. Constantly.

Because of this (and the fall hitting my confidence), I have been worried to run, so have not. With no goal in sight, it has been acceptable to just say ‘naw, I won’t do anything today, it’s dark/ snowing/ raining/ Thursday.’ All this just makes it harder when you do start, which makes it harder to continue, which makes it harder… you get the picture.

But yesterday was a start. 11 miles with Ian on the fixed wheels to talk and inspire. Plans, plans, plans. Nothing big- or even medium-sized- just fun, bikes, running, and filming.

The vlog should continue but in a different format. The riding will take more center stage (I was always better at riding than running anyway), with short and mid-distance rides of all shapes and sizes. Hopefully, my confidence will drift back in and I can get back to running slow Parkruns again.

So thank you for still being there- and keep reading. Although I will not be in the London marathon this year, it is still looking to be a great- but gentle- year!

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