A Decision

‘Compare yourself to who you were yesterday- not who someone else is today.’
Jordan B Peterson

I am out. My trek from 5k to the London Marathon is over- and I feel like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders.


There are 2 main reasons. The firstly is that training has not been going well for me, and already here in mid-February, it is clear that I would not finish it in anything like the way I would like to.

That in itself is not a deal breaker, but what is, is the simple fact I have not been enjoying at alI. I have been dreading the longer runs- even though I am only up to 9 miles, and still have a long way to go. I object to the time away from my family. Also, following my recent fall, I have lost all confidence, which has again meant that I just don’t enjoy it.

Both of these facts have helped me come to the conclusion that the London Marathon- or indeed, any long distance running- is not for me right now.

What next?

In simple terms- freedom! I can now go and do what I want when I want, and enjoy it because I am doing it as I want to do it!  (I may even go out and ride my bike a bit later…!)

History shows that I am goal focused, and when I am, I am successful. So with this in mind, I am aiming to build on my Parkrun time. It will be easier said than done, as I work a lot of Saturdays so the measurement will be sporadic, and my PB was set a while ago when I was a lot faster than I am now (24 minutes 32 seconds, in 2013). More recently, I have been 30 minutes+, so I have some way to go- something to get my teeth into.

If I find I still have a hankering to run 26 miles, then there are other marathons later in the year I can try, as a ‘plan B’. Although they will not have the prestige of London, they also will not have the shorter time frame.


I will keep this blog going as- let’s be honest- I am #STILL running. Although  I have decided not to pursue one goal, the main theme is still there.

So please join me on what comes next in my life, be it fast times or more trials.

One thing is for certain- it will be a great journey.

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