Up’s and Down’s

What a week that was. I am always honest here, and today will be no different. Last weeks blog explained how concerned I am about my progress (or lack of it), and just a bit disillusioned by it all. This is this weeks’ starting point…

Tuesday 30th January

A nice evening run with Phil. I had talked myself out of going out on the way home from work as I was tired, but after a 10-minute nap, I talked myself back into it.

And it was worth it. Our usual chatting style of running was present and we covered the distance in less time than before, and I was feeling positive at the end of it. Perhaps this running malarky IS something I could do, after all! 4.2 miles in the bag.

Thursday 1st February

Cold wind and rain sent me onto the treadmill- and I did not mind. It even gave me a chance to try out my new trainers– the ones in which I would hopefully be running the London Marathon. It went well! Several sprints at the machine’s top speed, I again feel like progress is being made. 35 minutes in total (no idea of distance- I really do not trust the numbers it was giving me!).

Saturday 3rd February

I work in a town 8 miles away, and as my wife was goign to be busy in the afternoon, it seemed like a great chance to get my long run done on different roads. SO I took my running gear in, and ran home.

It all started well. Once I had started my Garmin I never looked at it again, so I ran one my own pacing. I felt comfortable- very comfortable- up to 5.5 miles, when the fact I had not had anything for lunch hit me so I strolled and ate some protein cookie.

From here, it went downhill, as I seemed to begin scuffing my right foot whilst running again. I always used to do this- I have given up running a couple times because of it- but this time it seemed bad. I tried to push on regardless and made an extra special effort in lifting my right leg and foot to ensure it stayed good.

However, it did not. At mile 8 I walked for a bit at the start of the mile (as I did mile 9) to try and get myself back into it, but by now the scuffing was every step. I was still 3 miles from home and determined to get to 10 miles, so I promised myself to keep going and that I would stop when the Garmin said ’10 miles’ and stroll the rest.

I did not make it, falling hard at 9.2 miles. My foot caught the ground and I went down, just managing to get my hands down to protect my pretty face. A passing car stopped and offered me help; I said I would be fine but when I tried I could not even get myself up off the floor. Bless them, they lifted me up and drove me home (I think I would still be there now if they had not). Thank you, kind people- you made a real difference to me through your kindness.

Can you see which one I have been scuffing?
Can you see which one I have been scuffing?

So that was yesterday, and today is today. I am sore, bruised, with a very sore wrist. I could also be described as disillusioned; is this really something I can do? Or should I just abandon London, and concentrate on running Parkruns?

I think it is too early to fully make a decision, and I know I need to research exercises which will help me lift and strengthen my right leg when I run. This problem has caused me to fall several times over the years, but it has never been as bad as it was yesterday- it was ludicrous (especially as I had done the first 5.5 miles so well for me). Maybe I started too fast, and this was caused by general tiredness?

Either way, the London dream has never seemed so paper thin than right now.


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