That was the week that was

A week of mediums and lows. Let me explain…

Tuesday 23rd January

I really did not feel like it- I REALLY did not. Phil was away so I was running on my own, and the mind was not willing. So, I jumped in my car and drove a couple miles down the road to have a different starting point- and it kind of worked. It took a half mile to loosen up, but once I was going it was fun- I even pushed it a bit. 4.3 miles done.

Friday 26th January

A day off of work and the sun was shining, so I took the chance to complete my long run. The run itself was a year’s worth of schooling in one go.

I started stiff and dragging my foot. I stopped a couple times and stretched but it did little or no go, and I was really struggling. Because of this, I decided to stay close to home so if it did go bad I would not have too far to walk. My hip was sore and my scuffing was increasing- things were not looking good.

I did not fully get in the groove until mile 4, and even then, I was constantly at the slower 11 half minute pace (longer runs should be run about 1 minute slower than intended marathon pace, apparently). I ran here there and everywhere, with never being more than 2 miles from my doorstep. I put my head down and tried to be patient. slowly counting the miles off.

The last mile came and ‘I thought let’s go for it’, and I lifted the pace. My Garmin told me I was doing 8m45secs pace, which thrilled me. However, when I looked when I finished, it was actually long 9 minute pace- to say this pee’ed me off a bit is an understatement. Even with this, my finished pacing was 11m49s (the fastest mile being last at 10m36s).

Overal, very frustrated. I don’t think that the run today did anything for me, such was the pace and style. If anything, it may have made me worse- I just don’t seem to be getting any better. I am chuffed I managed to see it through (I nearly gave up twice in the first 2 miles)- this showed the start of some resilience, important for April. However, the thought of going further- 18 miles further on the day- boggles and confuses me.

I have therefore decided not to enter the Bideford half marathon, and instead, I will do my own one that weekend. Why should I pay to be disappointed? I am firmly on track for another 2 hours 40 minute half marathon- which would destroy me if I did it with people I know around me. Best to do it in private, so no one can see me cry.

Sunday 28th January

Having swapped my Thursday and Sunday runs around, today was all about a 5km. I have managed to acquire a treadmill in my garage, so today was going to be the inaugural run (pun intended). I am hoping it will be a good way to get me out of the constant and never-ending rain.

So I gradually built up the speed for the first 5 minutes, ran 20 minutes, and then gradually slowed it down for the last 5. The measurements it provided- speed, distance- are clearly a load of old tosh, so I think I need to just go for time on it; however, my thighs are stiff, and I can tell I have had a hard workout.

It was also interesting how much I pull to one side, which has to affect my foot-dragging and my scuffing. Hopefully, this is something I can train out of myself on the treadmill.

Perhaps the treadmill is just what I need to lift my running to a basic level!

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