Progress, maybe?

A written update this week. It has been just too wet and wild out there to do any filming, so here we are then.

The Plan

So as my last blog said, I am working with a plan- one which so far, on the whole, working for me. Each week is seeing slow progress and it seems to be fitting me.


Tuesday night is social night, where I go running with Phil. We are both members of the North Devon Road Runners, so we meet up and go off and do our own thing, which so far is a couple times around a 2-mile loop. Sadly, Tuesday night also seems to be rain night, and this week was no different.

These nights remind me that there is fun to be had when running. I don’t often run with others, so it is nice to get out and chat. The miles come and go and then all of a sudden we have done just over 4 miles and I did not really notice it. Plus, the level of bollocks and bullshit discussed is at a very- very– high level.


Thursday night is sprint night. My warm-up mile went on a bit longer this week (bad planning on my behalf), and looking back I feel that the difference between the sprints and the rests was minimal this week. I think the main benefit to me was moving my body faster rather than the actual speed itself. Either way, it does seem to benefit me somehow, so I will keep going.

Oh- did I mention it was raining?


Long run day! The plan called for 6 miles, but I am keen to have something in my pocket so I am trying to stay a mile ahead of this, which will give me flexibility should I have to miss a week. 7 miles it is then.

The weather was atrocious but I know that this is the most important run of the week so off I went. Going for distance- instead of time or pace- is lovely, as you can be flexible. Fancy going over there? Of course. Try this road? Yes. Stop for a toilet break? No problems.

Overal, it went well, and I am pleased I even managed to ‘sprint’ the last half mile. The main problem has been my hip which has been really sore since. As a reminder, it is this hip pain which caused me to pull out of last years London Marathon. The pain is just as bad as last year, so this week must be a week of stretching and rolling to see if I can overcome it.

So a crucial week ahead in my journey to the end of the mall. Fingers crossed my hip pain will pass and I can crack on with training!

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