My Training Plan to run the London Marathon 2018

I have a plan! I have a specific training plan to help get me across the line on April 22nd. It’s a different type of plan- I will mainly be using it to hold me back and ensure that I do not follow my previous history of overdoing it and then having 2 weeks off with tiredness and lack of motivation. Instead, I intend to (generally) stick to it make sure I am making the right progress at the right times.

I got the plan from the Official London marathon website (which can be found here). Because I have some base fitness/ distance, I have changed some of the first few weeks to what I can do, and then when the plan catches up with where I am, I will follow it.

Also- I have listed a couple local races in bold, so I can see where they will fit in. The Braunton 10 miler is too early in the plan, so I will not enter that; however, the local Bideford Half Marathon occurs exactly when I am supposed to be doing a half marathon- so that is a no-brainer.

You can download the plan here in PDF format- VLM 2018 PLAN

And here it is…

My London Marathon 2018 Training Plan
My London Marathon 2018 Training Plan


TR = Tempo Run

MP = Marathon Pace

FTMP = Faster than marathon pace

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