Hello again

Well, 4 weeks later, and I ran again. What with work, and the frustrating sinus thing I have had,  the days have flown by, and then all of a sudden I am stood there having not run for nearly a month and an ever-increasing waste line.

To say I have done nothing fitness wish during this period would be a lie. I was supposed to run the Bideford 10 mile race last Sunday, and knowing how bad I was feeling, I thought a gentle cycle ride down would more than likely help me.

I was wrong. So wrong. Instead, it forced it deeper into my head and left me feeling worse than pretty much any point up to then.

So another week came and went. I woke up yesterday feeling not too bad, so was determined to get out there this morning. Other than my fitness, something else which has changed greatly since I last run is the weather, so I wrapped up and set out.

It was OK. Yes, it hurt, and I dragged my foot again (note- must get back to stretching), and my eyes bobbed up-and-down in my head when I ran, but overall- OK. 2 miles done, and it is great to be back.

Over the next couple weeks, I intend to run what inspires me, and not push myself. I know I need to fall back in love with running after that awful half marathon I did last month (read about it here), and it starts right here…and finishes at the end of the Mall in April next year.



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