A nil return this week, sadly.

Looking back on last Sunday’s half marathon, although logic says that I finished uninjured, I still feel a bit of a fraud. It was, by any account, my worse run. Ever.

But this week has been run-free for a different reason. Things are happening in the background which- if they come off-  will open up a whole different world to me, which will in no small part give me chance to run more, and differently. I have to give it my full attention, as I never want to look back and think ‘if only I…’.

It is all or nothing.

It does mean that I may not be able to run until at least Thursday this week, which will mean I may need to adjust my approach to the 10 mile race I have in 2 weeks. However, the prize- if I can pull it off- will be life changing.

So, this week has been all about priorities and the bigger picture. Wish me luck.

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