Taper Week

I have learned through hard experience that a successful taper for me is not going easy, but running hard- but shorter distances. If I ease off for the week, then I get to the key day not really knowing what to do. However, if I go hard- for me- then I get there sharp; and the shorter distances mean I do not get tired.

Tuesday 10th October

Today was started on Sunday when Ian and I were talking, and I was explaining that when I was faster (just 4 years ago!), I used to do sprint miles to judge my form ( my best was 6 mins 40 seconds- these days, I don’t drive that fast).

So tonight was simple- warm up a mile, sprint a mile, warm down a mile.

It was special, as tonight I learned something- I am not up to sprinting a mile yet. I started well, but faded, and basically, kept fading. In the end, I just trained myself to run average over 1 mile.  The lesson? Next time, I try shorter sprints, to encourage speed, but ensuring I stop when I have drifted off. I peaked at 8 minutes 22 seconds pace, which feels right; but this was all too brief. If however, I focussed on 30 second- 1-minute blasts, I would be fresher and be training my body to go faster.

Lesson learned. Every day is a school day, etc, etc.

Saturday 14th October

I never managed to get out again this week, as I have been tired out. However, with the Half Marathon looming and me not working today, I took it as a chance to volunteer at the local Park run. And I loved it- some incredible and inspiring individuals.

Then it was just a case to get ready for the half marathon….


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