Great Western Run Half Marathon, Exeter

A year ago Tuesday, I started running again after several months off due to consistently dragging my right leg, causing me to fall over on a regular basis. This run- on 18th October 2016- marked the start of my come back, with my successful entry into the London Marathon Ballot demanding I give it a go.

Well, today saw me running a half marathon, which starts in earnest my training for the 2018 event.

The truth is, I did not do as well as I hoped. My list of goals for the day was to finish, to finish uninjured, and to beat 2 hours 30 minutes.

The run

Ian and I started well, with a measured first couple miles. This is a big positive as we have been known to start WAY too fast and suffer for it later. A positive.

It really started to go downhill (not a metaphor, sadly) at mile six, when I just got tired. My stomach was churning- as was Ian’s- from a couple sample of energy food we tried at the run village. They always say never try anything new on race day, and we ignored it. We will learn because of this.

From this point, it was a run walk strategy. The hills came and went, and I just got slower and slower, as the 2 hours 30 minutes pacer disappeared into the distance.



So we finished (I say we, Ian could have run on and left me at any point) in 2 hours 39 minutes. Not as fast as I would have liked; also disappointed that I started to run/ walk so early in the run. I am sure that if I could have pounded onwards, we could have easily slid in under the 2 and half hours mark. What is madness is my PB (achieved 4 years ago) is 1 hour 41 minutes- nearly an hour quicker. Anyway, that was then, and today is today.

Two out of three goals achieved, lots to learn, and a solid- if slow- start to my training for London 2018.

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