What I did after getting into the Virgin London Marathon 2018

Thursday 5th October 2017

The nights are pulling in, and the weather is turning Autumnal. I actually felt a lot better and stronger from Saturday’s nine miler, but am also conscious that my recovery times right now seem to be on the longer side. Factor in I wanted a beach run, and a plan was formed- 4 miles on the beach it is then.

It was great fun. Running along the edge of the tide means having to concentrate on every footstep, so you don’t trip on seaweed/ flotsam and jetsam. I was also in my Vibram Five Finger shoes to concentrate on form, so although the pace was slow, the damp sand made it hard work, and I came away feeling like I had run further. 4 miles in the can, and I know that when I run the Great Western Half Marathon in 10 days time, it will be because of nights like tonight.

Sunday 8th October

Sometimes when you run, although overall you could only describe your own performance as ‘rubbish’, there are little green shoots of hope sprouting from the cracks in the wall. This was one of those runs.

Ian and I set out bright and early to run 11 miles, and we did. Sure, there was breaks- more fo them as we got closer to the end- but in there somewhere there were glimpses of form and a style which I had not had for years. And years.

As I normally say in this case, it is because of today that I will run a half marathon (my furthest run since March, and the longest I will run for a few months) next Sunday. I am looking forwards to it very much- AS long as I remember to run to have a good time, not to run for a good time.

From then there is a plan and chosen events to work on my strength and speed across the winter- then the miles will start to build again for the big one. A plan is firmly in place, and it feels lovely.


No loss, but no gain, and I am towards the lower end of where I want to be. Keep it going, Simon.

Next Week

Tapering- which means for me, a couple shorter runs but of harder intensity.

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