I am back running again

Although I could not run it, I went down to the Barnstaple Half Marathon to cheer everyone on. Armed with my camera and a loud Bluetooth speaker, I set up base at the 4.5-mile marker and tried to lift everyone by playing loud music and clapping. Hopefully, it worked- it inspired me.



Monday 25th September

Lifted by watching Sunday, and worried that my next race is only 3 weeks away, I started the planned recovery day off of work with a gentle 5 km to remind my legs how this running malarky works. And for the most, it was fun. My chest was clear which is great; my legs were less so, but that is understandable.

What is clear is that today, I certainly do not feel like I can run 13.1 miles. I am recording this here and now, so hopefully, in 3 weeks time, I can say ‘yes, I did it!’- and take reassurance that this ‘facts’ change, and can ebb and flow like the tide.

Tuesday 26th September

A solid 5 km (well, a bit longer- coincidentally 35 minutes) to cement yesterdays run. I really struggled to keep going, and also my left leg collapsed a couple times. Well, I say collapsed; it just involuntarily bent. Folded in a bit. Gave out. Either way- tomatoes/ tomatoes- it was a bit unnerving.

In summary- I have no evidence right now that I will successfully run a half marathon in (checks calendar) 20 days. Everything is pointing- quite firmly- that I shall fail quite dramatically.

I aim to prove this evidence wrong.

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Lace your trainers up and get out there! 5km done.

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Thursday 28th September

I was nervous about this run. After how hard I found Tuesday’s, the thought of running 5 miles seemed impossible.

I am pleased to say that my running legs turned up and joined in. It was fun! Although the times do not show it, mile 4 was pushed hard, and I felt proud that I could lift the pace. In fact, a glance at Strava shows this is the fastest I have gone over this circuit since June of last year- a small but positive victory.

Beginning to believe.

Saturday 30th September

The plan was to run 8 miles today, with the Parkrun sandwiched in between. That was the plan.

And the plan worked. I was also doing a little project, so I ended up trying to film it. This kept the running simple- in fact, it was something that went on whilst I was fiddling with the camera. The Parkrun itself was lots of fun- because I was going for mileage, I did not worry about the speed, and as a consequence, I enjoyed it a lot (I ended up completing it in 31:54, which is fine by me). I filmed, I ran, I urged the little kids around me to beat me- ‘I am fat and old- come on, you can beat me!’. They did.

The run home was OK, but I did start to get tired with a mile to go. However, the mileage soon came and went and I ended up with a 9-mile morning. Result!

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9 miles done, including the local Parkrun. Progress.

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Pleased- keeping it low. Another 3 pounds and I am on track.

Next Week

Plans, plans. Anyway, I want a strong week, so the plan is Tuesday a 3-mile beach run, and Thursday a 5-mile beach run. Working next Saturday, and a big dental appointment straight after, so if I am up to it on Sunday, an early 10 miler.

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