Still ill- not running

As the title says, I have still been ill this week. Very bad stomach meant having a couple days off of work and the subsequent tiredness this brings. Needless to say, I have not been running. The desire to sit still was too tiring for me at times.

So it will come as no surprise that I am not running tomorrow. I am sad, but I want it to be fun and enjoyable- not 13.1 miles of torture, which it would be if I attempted it. Right now, I question if I could run 3 miles, let alone a half.

Next Week

I will again pick myself up and dust myself off. The Great Western Run is 3 weeks tomorrow so I have time to get myself into some normality ahead of that. I have booked Monday off- so I could have a rest after tomorrows half- so I will get back on it then, hopefully, inspired from watching tomorrow. First week gently get back into it, the second week hit it hard, and the thrid week gently wind down. I know that I will not have the form to smash the GWR, but I would love to be able to compelete the distance (without getting injured). Therefore, this is my goal. The time will not be an issue- just run for 13.1 miles. Oh, and to smile.

It is what it is; I just need to see the bigger picture- the road to next April in London. Keep it in perspective. I more than likely will not remember this speed bump when I am trotting down the Mall.

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