A wet week of riding and running

Well. Winter’s here then.

Tuesday 5th September

Today was all about riding. I put together a charity ride in aid of the company’s charity of the year- MIND mental health- and 6 of us rode through the wind, rain and just a small bit of sunshine over 32 very flat miles. Because it was so flat, I rode my fixed wheel, which kept it easy and fun for me. Sure, the ride was at someone else’s pace, but 32 miles is 32 miles, and we raised over £500. And I was home in time to see Chris Froome beast the Vuelta time trial.

Thursday 7th September

Following our long run last Saturday, and with me moaning about how much my arse sticks out, and how heavy I am at stamping the floor, Ian and I came up with the idea of going to the beach and running to try and concentrate on my gait. So I did.

I had been looking forwards to this run since Saturday, and it really did not disappoint. The weather was so bad that if I had not been doing this, I would have stayed home, but feeling inspired I slipped on my Vibram Five Finger shoes and set off. These were to protect my feet- I am far too much of a coward to go bare foot.

It was, quite frankly, amazing and almost spiritual. I have said many times to anyone who will listen that running beside water is uplifting; well, it turns out that running less than 1 metre from the edge of the lapping sea is total next level shit. Back that up with horizontal gales and rain, and then you get to Nirvana.

The run itself was good as well. I forgot about speed and tried to concentrate on pulling my hips forward. It would go well for a bit, and then I would day dream and let my concentration slip and 100 metres later I would have slipped back to my old ways, so I would have to re-try.

I think it has done some good, though. The next day my body ached like a bad thing and it had felt like I had run a half marathon rather than 5km.

Amazing. I can’t wait to go back again.

A very wet and windy beach run, to work on form. 5km done.

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Saturday 9th September

After a morning of work I really was not feeling like running, but the weather forecast for the next 48 hours was dreadful, which meant it was now it never.

So I turned my brain off and kitted up and drove down to Instow for another beach run. The wind was very strong but at least it was not raining, and the tide was right out so it opened up a lot more sand to explore. I tried to go out to the waters edge but the sand was just to soft which meant I had to walk a bit. Overall, it was 5km at a careful pace with me focusing on my hips alignment and how hard I hit the floor. The sand helps as you can see where you have been; most places my heel was barely touching the floor- progress.

I felt stronger as well, and the miles came and went easily. Although I have only run 10km this week, I feel positive that it has been a strong and a quality 10km.

Another 5k back on the beach. Windy but not raining; trying to work on form.

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A slight loss on the previous week. With 2 weeks to go until the Barnstaple Half Marathon, this is the important time where the key work is done.

Next week

I am not working next Saturday, so the Park Run should be on. This will be interesting as I am keen to see how far (if at all) I have come. In between- another beach run Tuesday, and on Thursday, a road run to get used to my usual trainers.


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