A big running week

This week has been a big running week, with some key events.

Monday 28th August

After a boozy weekend, I was keen to get back on it as soon as possible, and with the forecast for a *HOT* day, I set the alarm and was out by 7.15am. It was a very relaxed, easy run, with no heart rate strap. I wanted to run at least 6 miles, and I knew I also had to slip something up to my parents who live 3 miles away- so there we go. I use my drink pack to carry the parcel which I knew would add an extra 10bpm onto my pulse so I left my strap at home rather than be distracted.

All in all, it was a fun and easy run, with no pressure. I stopped a couple times to take photos; I also stopped for 10 minutes when I strangely bumped into my brother in the middle of nowhere at 8.15 in the morning.

I finished the run feeling strong and positive- looking forwards to the week ahead. The plan worked as well as I missed the hot weather which helped greatly.

Wednesday 30th August

What a difference 48 hours made. An early doctors appointment meant that I could run home from the surgery and easily complete my planned 3 miles.

It never really happened. My leg was dragging worse than it had ever been, and I felt solid and uncomfortable. Once I receive my gastric distress I relaxed a bit but not much. A plan dig in on a strava section only just happened (with a PB, I am pleased to say), but as soon as the section finished, I had to walk a bit.

This was probably one of the worse runs I have ever had in terms of form and style, and had me really nervous about my planned 10 miler at the end of the week. I know I was still tired, so I had to rest, but a very loud voice in my head was shouting at me I just can’t do it and my days running are severally numbered. It seems the more I run and stretch, the worse my leg gets.

Because of life, I had to delay my long run from Friday to Saturday (that you Ian for being so understanding!).

Saturday 2nd September

A key morning for my running right now. Fail this morning, and I would not be running the Barnstaple Half marathon. Succeed, and the gateway to a great winter to build on towards the London Marathon. No pressure then.

It was a hot morning when we started. Ian was in a buoyant mood which helped with my nervous one. He even did his Mr Motivator routine and helped me with some stretches (in a car park in Exeter- all very homo-erotic) before we set off. Just what I needed.

The pace was easy, with frequent stopping to look, photo, and chat. The pace was slow, but the end product was an average minutes per mile of 2 minutes slower than my race pace- which is actually perfect long run pacing.

I certainly learnt a lot from this run and from Ian. The biggest thing was stopping to stretch during the run. Who knew that a few seconds stopping and tugging your legs around could make such a difference! A real investment in time and form.

So despite the hot weather, and the stiffness, we managed to complete a successful 11. 10% more than I started off to do, and a lot more than we could have hoped for at the start.

Barnstaple Half Marathon is on!



Stagnant- but this is good, seeing I was on holiday, and cooking a lot this week (big portions. BIG portions).

Next week

A different week ahead! A charity cycle ride on Tuesday will see me fixed wheel 28 miles. Also, a plan has been hatched for Thursday night to go running on the beach to work on my form, which should hope fully provide longer term benefits.

Another area we have been looking at is my arse- it so sticks out when I run. So I have googled it and have some stretches to do which should start to pay dividends by the Half Marathon.

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