Running vs Riding

Most of my life- off and on- I have run or ridden my bike. They are now both a crucial part of my identity. But which is the best?

But which is the best?

There’s only one way to find out- BLOG!

(Before I start, let me be clear- I am not very good at either discipline, and I seem to be getting worse in double correlation to the increase of my age. But hey, some things are not about winning- they are about improving myself).


And that is a great point to start with- running improves me. The product of me running- as well as the obvious health benefits- is the me I become feels like a better version of me. It helps me mentally put all my boxes in order, and teaches me an almost religious level of patience.  It also helps me realise that I have shoulder blades whose shape seem to hibernate whenever I stop running for a while.

There are down sides. I seem to be constantly restarting from injury or illness. There is always a part of me twinging or moaning. Also, sleep could come at any moment whatsoever- so I do need to focus in traffic.

But the benefits out weigh the negatives. When I have 3 weeks or so regular running (three times a week+) beneath my belt, the changes I see and feel are brilliant.


So what about riding? This is a love affair which goes back to being 8 years old and starting with BMX, and now onto mainly road riding (and the odd fixie ride).  I love the metallic taste in your mouth as you are pushing hard up a climb, spinning the pedals at the optimum cadence. Combine this with the gear and technology, and you so have me.

Downsides- well, it’s a time thing. Longer rides can take several hours- which is time I do not want to spend away from my home and family. I also seem to be getting worse as I get older, and have become very impatient- the good stuff happens in a ride at the end, not the start. I can not wait that long.

So what will it be, Paddon?

The decision is- both. There is space in my life for both, as long as I share my time with both. I can become too goal focussed- a marathon or a Sportif will dictate that I must only do that discipline in the months before, putting my skills of the other into decline and famine. This means restarting again, and the subsequent problems that comes with.

Balance. I just need balance.

Life is short. Run. Ride. Hell, swim if you have to. Just do it whilst you can- one day- soon- you will not be able too.

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