Zero to a bit better

The first week of my main 2 weeks off of wrok,a nd it saw me going from zero (or even below zero) to a bit better over 3 runs.

Monday 21st August

Well, that was ugly. I always knew it was going to be- I had just come off a bad week regarding my teeth, with lots of drugs in me; but I never expected that.

I started off with the intention of 4 easy miles. I knew I would be stiff- I had not run for 8 days due to dental problems/ extraction, so the dragging of my leg did not worry me too much, hoping I would lean into it as the run went. Then gastric problems came and went in mile 2; nothing to do with the anaesthetic/ coda-mol in my system, surely? Anyway, it often happens, never mind.

Not long after, my Garmin starts to beat for my heart rate. NO problem- ease back and I can- hang on, the alarm is set for zone 3? My heart rate was 10 bpm higher than it should be (actually, 2 weeks ago I was running this speed at 20 bpm lower). Not good!

From here, it never improved. The hill on the way home was walked up with my heart rate still too high. The rest of the run was really a walk.

I guess last week took it out of me more than I thought. No problems, just adjust and move on. I did learn a couple things from this run though-

  • My Salomon jacket is no good, and it just makes me boil in the bag. It is a nice lightweight rain jacket to keep the damp off of me, but even with the zip down 75% I sweat far more than the rain would ever get me wet. Horrible- this is the 4th time I have worn it, and the 4th time I end up soaking on the inside. Into the bin, it goes…
  • Stretching is for every day, not just the days I run. With the discomfort I have been in the last week, I have mainly been sat down resting (moaning to the family), and not stretching. Today saw this did not work for me- I need to stretch every day. Not much of a problem- it takes about 2 minutes.


Wednesday 23rd August

To say I was nervous when I set off following Mondays’ debacle is an understatement. Still, I set off anyway, with my new Camelback hand held bottle with me to cheer me on.

In the end, it turned out good. In cases like this, I try to lean into the miles- let them wrap themselves around me as a comfort blanket. It works for me, and I soon found myself getting to the end of the run. The bottle was good, but made my hand cramp- perhaps more practice?

Another benefit of running slower (my pulse was still up, but not as up as Monday- the chemicals must be leaving my bloodstream) is that I can contrite on form and foot placement. It has to benefit me somewhere along the way.

Friday 25th August

Why am I always nervous at longer runs (and by longer, I mean further than 5 miles)? I get butterflies and I process and reprocess it lots the night before.

This was a good run. Consistent first 4 miles, then I started to play taking pictures for Instagram which slowed me down. It started lovely and cool, but when the sun came through I soon over-heated. I seem to ‘run hot’ all the time, so sunshine is not my favourite. Still, 6.5 miles is a good effort- although I was tired at the end.


Barnstaple Half

With just 4 weeks until Barnstaple half Marathon, I am in two minds.
It is already clear that I will not be running the sort of time I would like, so do I pull out now? Or do I just do what I do, and get through? I tried that earlier in the year with the Bideford Half, and ended up injuring myself. I am in two minds.

What should I do?


Not great, but as expected, my first week off of 2 has seen me eating larger portions and more calorific food. Hopefully, the miles will kick in and lower my weight. Hopefully….

Next week

With no chance to run this weekend (I am off to a Gin festival+ the ensuing hangover), I will be back on it Monday morning, with a planned 6 miler again. With a cool 10 miler planned on Friday (which I am VERY excited about), I think Wednesday will be a 4 miler to keep turning over.

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