A short week

Well, all the best-laid plans- last week turned into a short week, exercise wise. A shame- but there you are- now to start again.

Tuesday 15th August- A Recovery Ride

Yesterday- the day after my 8-mile run- I was in pieces. I had no energy at all and felt beyond tired. A couple times I even caught myself lifting my legs on to my chair at work by picking up my trousers and lifting those. I also felt dizzy, listing towards the left a lot- very un-nerving.

Tuesday and I felt a little bit better- but not much. I was worried about going out for a run, and my legs simply collapsing beneath me and me hitting the floor again. So- with the sun shining- I went for a ride.

Overall, I enjoyed it, but my tiredness soon came through, Just as well I was aiming for zone 1 because I just could not manage anything more. It does seem that Sunday asked far more of me than I am capable of now- but I am hoping that now I have done it, even if I hold the mileage for a couple weeks, it will do me good.



From here, it went downhill. I woke up Wednesday with a bad toothache and suffered with it until my emergency appointment Friday lunchtime where I had a very difficult extraction. In some ways I am pleased- I think the early signs of this was what caused my listing to one side and lack of energy. However, the extraction was messy and has left me with a sore jaw, and numerous cuts in my mouth. No running, no Parkrun, no sleep, no real movement. Just pain and miserableness.

So, rest and recover, and I will start again Monday- I am now on 2 weeks holiday.


A bonus! With not really eating for a few days, my weight has dropped down a fair bit. The next couple weeks with be hard, however, as most of our holiday plans revolve around food.

Next Week

The plan is to build it again- 4 miles Monday, 5 miles Wednesday and 6 miles Friday. I can not do the Park Run next weekend- away to a Gin Festival in Exeter- so 3 steady runs will build me for the 2nd week of my holiday, where I need to culminate in a 10 miler.

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