A rest week

An easier week called for me after my first three weeks block since injury.

Birthday Miles

A day off for my birthday means I got to sneak some daytime miles in on Wednesday. Starting down town- dropped off by the wife on the way to her gym- it is always nice to start somewhere different. I continued this by heading along side the river down to my newly found trails and home again.

It went well, on the whole, except a couple ‘gastric’ mounts, brought on by a new caffeine liquid I was trying. Never again- it turns out, caffeine like this does not agree with me- especially my stomach. Other than that, I bloody loved it.

Long run

I was feeling my normal long run sense of nerves and excitement before heading out on this one. The idea of running a distance can set me off a bit, and this one did.

8 miles done. The first four were ugly and involved me stopping on the premise of gates/ pavements/ photos, but really, it was because I was feeling a bit crap. However, I seemed to find a (slow) rhythm after the first four and leant back into the miles. I turned my alarms off of my Garmin- as I was wearing my camelback, I knew that it can add about 5 beats per minute, meaning I would have really struggled to stay below my limit. (At the end, my average was 151 bpm- confirming this).

When I look forwards to the coming events- the Half Marathon at the end of September, I feel overwhelmed by what I have to do. But when I look back to how far I have come- and the mountains I have peaked- I feel pride and excitement. In this case, I think I will spend a bit longer looking backwards.



For a birthday week, it has not been bad. Have not lost anything, but more importantly, have not gained anything either- has to be good.

Next week

Next week starts another 3-week block. I want to crush next weekend’s Parkrun, so I am lining up some speed work Tuesday night, then either a gentle recovery on Thursday, or if I am up to it, some hill repeats.

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