Loving the off road trail running

It has been an interesting week, where I have been up, down and up again- and loving the off road trail running.

I really wanted to run last Sunday, but with Saturday’s Parkrun still in my legs, I sat it out. This is the first block of 3 weeks since having a hip injury, so I know I am here for the (pun intended) long run. Keep your powder dry, Paddon!

Tuesday 1st August

Another time of setting out without thinking about it, with the aim of running 6 miles, but secretly expecting to do 4 miles- I really was not feeling it at all.

Well, it soon came. I had my heart rate strap on again to get back to basics running- zone 2, fitness and weight loss. I found some gravel roads on Google Earth earlier and ventured down them. I loved it! The miles came and went and I kept on running. I could have kept going but knew I had to restrict it at this stage in my return from injury.

I have to say- I think this was the most fun I have ever had on a run. The miles came and went quickly and before I knew it I was running home again with less than a mile to go. The route was up and down as well, with a climb down and a climb up of a 20 step climb from the cycle path to the gravel road.It was really not about time- just distance.

My week just could not have started better, running wise.


Thursday 3rd August

What a difference 48 hours make. My legs have been very sore since the last run and only stopped hurting mid morning. My schedule dictated that I should be out doing hill repeats again, so I laced up and hit the road.

It never came. I maintained a slow-average speed for the first couple miles but when the first hill came, I just suffered from the off (to the point I nearly managed to run one climb).

I am nothing but practical so I called it and headed home. Hey, some times the plan just does not come off; and if I tried to do more climbs then I honestly believe I would have just ended up walking.

Never mind- 3 miles is 3 miles, and I must remember the is the last but one run of my first 3 week block since injury. London is a long way away, so learn to relax Paddon!

Sunday 6th August

Again, what a difference a few hours make. I felt alive, strong and alert on this run. So much that I set out to run 4 miles and ended up doing over 5.

I seemed to be loving the trial running. When I say trail running, it is farm trails- car width and not tarmac, so for me, that is hard core off road. The main thing is that it is making me think about every foot step, even stride; and I feel that my running is better off for it. I also am using my heart rate strap, which prompts my Garmin to sound an alarm when I leave zone 2 (147 beats and above), which is therefore restricting my speed, allowing me to concentrate on other things.


A good week- no weight gain, and gentle erosion of my gut. I feel like my body is getting used to running now, with stronger legs and tighter stomach. The change is coming!

Next week

Having had 3 harder week- my first block- this week is scheduled to be an easier week. I am planning a birthday run on Wednesday, and then one more gentle 7 miler next Sunday.

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