A better week’s running

After last week, I needed a better week’s running to kick start my training. I am pleased to say I got one.


I needed to go out Tuesday, so I left my brain behind when I got home from work, got changed and went straight out without thinking about it. If I think for more than a second then I can easily talk myself out of it, no matter what the reason I need to go out.

I took the opinion of making it all up as I went along, at times literally deciding where to go at the end of the road when I got there. This seemed to work as it kept it fresh and more of an adventure. No scuffing either which was nice; I ran until I got tired, which was coincidentally at 3.1 miles. A good start.


In my head I was aiming for 4 miles, to ensure I built on Tuesday. For a change, I had my headphones on so I could listen to some baking tunes, which kept me from hearing how hard I was stomping on the floor. The result was I was a fair bit faster than Tuesday. I really started to hurt at 3.5 miles, so I called it then.



As I was not working, I could do the Parkrun. I bloody love Parkruns- as I always say, the smug factor for the rest of the day is very high, knowing you have done your workout and are home again by 10 am on a Saturday morning. Ideal.

When I got there for some reason I was stiff as a board, and could nearly lift my right leg off the ground. Luckily I was early so had a chance for 15 minutes stretching and bending to get it going, so could start. It looked shaky for a time though.

So in true Park run tradition, I started way too fast, but this time managed to keep it up all the way. Pleased to have finished the run with all sub 10-minute miles- my first for a long time. This is my intended/ desired pacing for the half marathon in 9 weeks time; so all I have to do is pop another 10 miles on top of what I did. Totally unsure how exactly but I will work on it.



Inspired by the legend that is Chris Froome, I went out for a gentle ride on my bike just to spin my legs over. High smile factor- there always is when I ride.


The week went really well, with me losing 4 pounds; however, I put 3 of these back on over the course of a fat Saturday. Once again, the weekend has let me down. Other words, I need to try harder. It is reassuring that when I look back on my park run PB (4 and a half years ago) I was not much lighter than I am now, meaning the extra 4lbs I am carrying could be worth 6 minutes.  I know it is more complicated than that, but hopefully, this will inspire me for the days ahead.

Next Week

Same again please! I would love to say that I am up to 5 miles by next Sunday- start slower and tick the miles off. It’s coming.

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