A bit of everything

I am pleased to say that my last running week ‘s training has had a bit of everything in it. This is not a decision- just what I fancied at that time.


Last Saturday saw me spending the day doing gardening of all things, so when I woke up on Sunday I was aching in places which I had not known about for years. My legs were as stiff as a board, and despite stretching, I just couldn’t shift it.

With this in mind, I went out for a cycle ride. Gentle, spinning, casual; it was nice to go and have fun in my Rapha Gear. I am also pleased that I got back in a bit of a looser state.


Wednesday evening, and I was out running. I made the route up as I went along, and enjoyed the solitude. Not in great shape or anything, but leg not dragging too much, so it was fun.

5k Run

Today was the 5k inflatable at Exeter.


Ethan and I storm the mid course
Ethan and I storm the mid course

It was hot, humid- and fun. I love running with my son Ethan and always feel flattered that he waits so patiently for me. The run was a 5k jaunt around some fields, broken up with 10 inflatables which you have to run over/ under/ through.

It taught me a lot. My fitness is nowhere near I want it to be; I am still dragging my leg; my flexibility is woefully inadequate (as is my balance), and my beard looks dreadful in pictures.

I am thinking about starting yoga for the flexibility. I wonder if it would just be something else which I would feel guilty about not doing, but even a couple sessions a week would help my core strength.


Last week I set the goal of losing a stone by the Barnstaple Half Marathon- this equates to just over a pound lost a week.
This week, I initially lost 3 pounds (by cutting out biscuits etc) but have put back on just over 1lb this weekend, so am still ahead of where I want to be. The lesson here is the weekend can undo my work in the week.

What next?

Next is to drag out the mileage in my running. I am going to bring back my heart rate monitor so I reign my speed back, which will help my weight. Gently does it- just a mile extra in the maximum distance a week will get me on track.

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