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Every journey starts with a single step; it is a single step which is very familiar to me. The road to fitness is a very well trodden one.


Tonight, I started again on the road ‘back’ to fitness. I had a health scare 2 weeks ago- an angina attack which I have never seen the like of before. To be honest, it scared the living crap out of me and encouraged me to take a couple weeks of rest.

A subsequent visit to the cardiologist (the NHS is, put bluntly, fucking amazing) may change my longer-term outlook. He seemed to think that I do not have angina, but a digestive/ oesophagus problem. The symptoms- and the pains- are the same, but the end product is different- gastric problems are treatable.

Overwhelmingly I feel positive by this. If I can be treated then I can be back again- in full effect. I can sprint up hills, and push for the PB on the parkrun. My lower standards of before can be revisited.


So with this in mind, I start again. I rode tonight- gentle, spinning- but ride I did. I bloody loved it as well. I kept my pulse low and my spirits (cadence) high, and the sun was on my back. Excellent.


I can officially start running again next week, after 6 weeks off with a hip strain. The hip has felt better, with only a couple twinges over the last few days. I am nervous about coming back- what if it still hurts?- but I am excited to think it may not, that I can run pain-free. Time will see.

As for this blog, well, the road to the London Marathon next April starts again, with all its colour and grandeur. I am also n the final stages of setting up a video version of this blog – a vlog as the YouTubers call it- and am very excited by this also.

Aside from Family, fitness has across the years given me everything I hold dear about my life. I need to say thank you by making it all as big and loud and powerful and inspiring as I possibly can. It is going to be a ride, and I really hope you will join me.


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