Not Being at The London Marathon

It has been a tough week in the run up to this years London Marathon 2017- the one which, for me anyway,  escaped from me in the last two weeks.


Out of the blue on Wednesday I had the biggest Angina Attack I have had yet, caused by (of all things) carrying a box of paper 20 metres. This was followed by being sent home, an ambulance ride, and the rest of the day in the hospital with tests being made.

I am pleased to say I was given the all clear, and have a clinic meeting in a couple weeks to follow it up. However, it has pressed my ‘reset’ button quite firmly- I am seeing things in a different way.

So with the benefit of this hindsight, it is definately a good thing me not being there today. If I had not hurt my hip I would have been 48 hours away from catching a train up to London to register on Friday. I  know that had I been getting ready to go, I would have put pressure on myself to follow through and would have tried my best to run . I felt a pang of regret- temporarily- watching it on TV, but I know that next year I will be stronger, fitter, lighter and wiser for all of this.


It did look amazing though- the weather kept being described as ‘perfect’. It makes me happy to know that nearly 40,000 runners took advantage of this.  To run and race and enjoy the amazing carnival that is the London Marathon is an amazing thing in itself. So many tales of bravery and determination. So many people each with their own reason and stories.

Next year, Simon. Next year. I will be there- fit and healthy.

(Instead of running at London, I made this video!)

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