Hill Reps

A couple nights ago, my wife Helen walked past my computer desk. On it was a running magazine (as there seems to be more and more recently).

‘Whats all that about?’ she asked.

‘Whats all what about?’

‘That. A running magazine. How can they make a whole magazine about running? Surely it is just putting one foot in front of another?’

Hill repeats tonight. This block of training includes some harder sessions, so it was 5 times up my strava section hill. Pleased to say I got 3 PB’s up there- my third run was a PB by 5 seconds. Progress, and some great reward for the muscle soreness.

I am in love with running right now. I love running, I love being a runner, I love what being a runner does to my body, I especially love the mental space it gives me. Running gives me time to line the boxes in my head up. Everything becomes manageable after a run. Running presses the reset button- every time.


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