I thought that a hard parkrun would help me, with an intended long run tomorrow- back to back as it were. Heart rate alarm off!

I struggled during my warm up- I had to stop after about 200 metres, too knackered to go on. I tried to settle down and relax, and see how I felt.They were using the ‘winter course’- the same paths, just running them in the reverse direction. For some reason, I found this a fun distraction from the normal course.

Once started I soon settled in. I tried to keep it on the edge of setting off angina pain, and think I managed it well. In fact looking at my heart rate afterwards, averaging 170 bpm is a fair effort- I don’t think I could have gone any harder without putting myself in a hospital.

My aim of a sub 30 was achieved comfortably- a shame that I was 4 seconds slower than my best time of last year, but as I said, I could not have gone any harder.

So that is the first part of my plan- the other is a 2-hour run tomorrow. It is 11 hours later from the 5k, and my legs are tired and my chest sore. Plus they have given rain tomorrow- so I could be flexible about it.

Let us just see how big the fire is when I wake up.

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