Happy New Year!

I was keen to start the New Year with a run, so when I heard about the extra Park Run, I was in.

And I am so glad I did. I adjusted my heart rate alarm down by 4 beats- there is some question in my mind on if I had it too high- so I expected to go slowly. As it turns out, I ran at over 170 bpm anyway, so the alarm just sang to itself. No chest pain, but some gastric distress meant I had to take a detour into the loos half way around.

It was really great to see everyone again- the Parkruns are always a fantastic event.Afterwards, my son Ethan and I ran home to take it over 5 miles for the day. It was nice to run with no alarm and just run for the smiles! I know there is a lesson from keeping my heart rate down when I race, yadda yadda yadda- today was just for the smiles, and there were plenty of those (even on the toilet!).



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